Vertical Lift Flood Barrier (VLFB-1200)

The SAK model VLFB-1200 Vertical Lift Flood Barrier is designed for openings that need a permanently installed barrier, however, the conditions do not allow a hinged gate or pocket slider.  The VLFB-1200 Vertical Lift panel is stored above the opening when not in use and simply lowered into position when needed.

Sealing the VLFB-1200 is achieved by mechanical compression seals or optional inflatable seals.  Consult with SAK for which system is best for your project.

The standard construction of the VLFB-1200 is Steel with a paint finish.  Optional aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel, or 316 Stainless Steel designs with mill finish are available.

Contact SAK for options such as Electrical Operators or other custom requirements that are project specific.

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