Lift-Out Flood Barrier (LOLV-400)

The SAK model LOLV-400 Lift-Out Flood Barrier is ideal for openings such as louvers, windows, crawl spaces, wall/floor vents or doorways with the optional sill adapter.  The LOLV-400 can be designed to seal three sides for openings that only need a three sided seal or four sided for openings where the flood level is above the top of the opening.

The LOLV-400 is a very simple system to install and deploy.  The lifting handles have been designed with ergonomics in mind for deploying on wall applications.

The standard Aluminum construction of the LOLV-400 panel, steel sub-frame and the standard EPDM seals is the most popular choice.  The LOLV-400 panel itself can also be opted in Steel or Stainless Steel and the sub-frame can come in optional Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

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